Conditions of passenger transport

Conditions of passenger transport

The operator (line operator) agrees to carry passengers holding valid tickets to their respective destinations, subject to pre-stated timetables, prices and conditions.
A ticket (e-ticket) is a document issued to a person’s name, and assigned a special code (bus ticket code). The boarding point and the destination, data certifying validity, the type of ticket and any discount are displayed on the ticket.
In case of purchasing the ticket at the boarding point, the valid prices are displayed on a previously approved price list which is given for the staff. Discounts are not available. Only one way ticket can be purchased on the bus.
No domestic carriage of passengers is permitted on international services.
By purchasing the ticket the passenger agrees the general conditions of carriage.

  1. Fare tickets

Tickets are issued to the owner’s name, can’t be transferred to another person. The ticket can be modified by paying the modicifation fee. (2. Time and name modification options, deadlines and costs)

The passenger may not break his/her journey between the boarding point and the destination; in case the journey is interrupted, the ticket loses validity for the rest of the journey.

If the passangers don’t have a printed ticket but they can prove the bus ticket (on their phone or computer etc.) so their buscode and personal details are the same as on the passenger list they don’t need to buy another ticket.

If the passengers is not on the passenger list and they can’t prove the purchase, they can buy a fare ticket on that price what appears on the pricelist.
Fare tickets are only valid for the service and duration they were issued to, or, in the case of Vouchers only if purhcased a ticket on our website using it before the departure time and date.
The validity of Voucher is 360 days following the date of purchase.
A voucher is invalid, if:

  1. the validity has expired,
  2. used on a service or within a duration other than the validity shown on the ticket,
  3. tampered, showing unauthorised and unconfirmed alterations or deletions.
  4. Time and name modification options , deadlines and costs

Modification of booking (in case of purchased ticket):

  1. Indicating in advance the ticket office:
    a, Within an hour indicating the modification is free.
    b, I. Date modification: Czech Republic , Slovakia, Austria , Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Germany (Dresden , Berlin , Munich, Nuremberg )
    Within three hour (from the booking) indicating the modification is free.
    Changing one way ticket: 1500 HUF
    Change return ticket: 2 x 1500 = 3000 HUF
    Date modification: Netherlands, France, England, Germany (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg)
    Changing one way ticket: 4500 HUF / person
    Change return ticket: 2 x 4500 = 9000 HUF / person
    Modfication fee should be paid to the guide on the bus before the departure, or in the Operator Ticket Office. Date modification is possible no later than 180 minutes before the flight. Subsequent modification is not possible.
    Indicate the intention of the modification here:
    If there are more passengers under one reservation code, date of travelling will be modified for all passengers under the same code!
    c, Name modification can be executed by our colleagues or in the Ticket Office, 120 minutes before the travelling. Price of name modification is 3500 HUF/way, Line Amsterdam 5000 HUF/way. It should be paid in cash to the coach attendant, to the Stewardess on the bus before the departure or in the Operator Ticket Office.
    If the modification is done by the coach attendant on the bus, the modification fee should be paid upon the price list held by the guide. It is not the same as that of the Customer Service.
    d, A ticket with exact date can not be modified to Voucher
    e, Destination and route can not be changed.
    f, The discount tickets or under 2000 HUF tickets can not be modified.
  2. At the bus before the departure:Bus tickets can be changed to earlier date only from later trips, for a fee:
    I. Date Modification: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Germany (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg) Changing one way ticket: 5500 HUF. Change Return ticket is not possible.

    II. Date Modification: Netherlands, France, England, Germany (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg) Changing One Way ticket 7500 HUF / person. Change Return ticket is not possible.

    III. Name Modification: 5000 HUF (can be changed only in one direction)

  3. Fares, discounts
    The fares and the available discounts contain the price list what published to the bus lines.

Fares do not include the price of extra services. (e.g. cool refreshments, chips, etc.

Fees of extra services shall be paid to the coach attendant in HUF, EUR, CZK, PLN or RON when taking such extra services.

Extra services (hot drinks, Multimedia system ,toilet) are included in the fare; however, no refund shall be claimed if they are not provided.

  1. Refund

a, Unused fare tickets purchased in advance may not be refunded.

b, Cancellation

  • More than 72 hours before departure: 20% of the ticket price can be refunded.
  • Less than 72 hours before departure: no refund is given.

Contact: E-mail:;
Telefon: +3670/400-4874
Refund for the mobile purchasing is not possible.

Tickets under 2000.-HUF cannot be refunded.

Purchased ticket only can be cancelled at the place where it was purchased. In case of online booking should be indicated by e-mail

  1. Passenger’s responsibility

The ticket price does not include passenger’s sickness and luggage insurance. The passenger can take responsibility for this.
The passenger shall obtain the documents required by the authorities, and comply with the provisions of law and other regulations of the states visited during the journey. The operator does not take responsibility for damage resulting from non-compliance with such requirements.

On purchasing a ticket, the passenger shall check the data displayed on the ticket. For any errors detected subsequently, the conditions of modification are applicable.

The passenger shall print his/her e-ticket, and show it on boarding the coach together with his/her personal ID and any documents proving entitlement to a discounted fare.

Each passenger shall retain his/her valid ticket, and shall be aware of the effective rules of crossing borders in each country. If the passenger is not allowed by the competent authorities to enter the country, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price, nor a part of it.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to hold the documents required to cross borders (passport, visa), and to administer luggage and hand luggage, customs clearance and other examinations. The timetable allocates a specific duration for border crossing, as well as for passport control and customs clearance.

Should the passport control or customs clearance of a passenger exceeds the duration specified in the timetable, The operator reserves the right to leave the passenger in question behind at the border crossing point, and continue the journey in the interest of other passengers (connections, accommodation reservation, etc.). In such case, the passenger shall cater for continuing his/her journey – at his/her own expense –, and is not entitled to a fare refund. If the border guard authorities refuse admittance of a passenger, and, as a result, the passenger is transported back, the costs will be shifted to the passenger by the operator.

During the journey, the passenger shall return to the coach within the time limit allowed by the driver or the coach attendant in the event of pre-scheduled breaks. If the passenger does not show up until the agreed time, the operator takes no responsibility for the damage caused by non-compliance.

Any wilful damage caused by a passenger shall be compensated for by the respective passenger on the spot.
Use of toilet is occasionally not allowed!
In case the passenger does not keep the rules related to toilet usage (dispalyed in the film and told by the coach attendant), and the toilet can not be used for the rest of the trip, he/she should pay a cleaning fee of HUF 6.000 /EUR 20/ CZK 600/ RON 100

The passenger must lock the seat belt during the entire journey.

  1. Children’s travel:
  • Children under 10 (including age 10) can only travel with their parents
  • and grandparents, when holding a written consent of their lawful representatives.
  • Children between 10-14 can only travel with an adult, when holding a written consent of their lawful representatives.
  • Children between 14-18 can travel alone, when holding a written consent of their lawful representatives.
  • Children can only travel with valid passport or personal ID regardless their age.
  1. The operator’s responsibilities

If a service published in the timetable can not run or can only run on an alternative route, the operator shall inform passengers accordingly. Information is given the way as possible, also with respect to the rules of changing schedule.

If during the reservation the passenger fails to provide his / her contact details or gives them incorrectly and therefore can not be notified, the Operator shall not be liable for damages.

If a service is hindered for a reason imputable to the operator. The operator shall cater for carrying passengers by another vehicle available.

The operator shall compensate passengers holding pre-purchased tickets for any confirmed damage or loss resulting from delay or cancelled service, if caused intentionally or through wilful negligence by the carrier.

Differences in the timetable may occur due to special traffic conditions.

If the line was cancelled or delayed more than 120 minutes or there was over booking, the passenger should revendicare date modification or refund.
In case of 120 minutes delayed, if the passenger has proven damage the ticket can be refund.

The compensation is based on the actual and proven damage. The upper limit of the compensation is the full amount of the purchased ticket.

Hungarian citizens are paid compensation in Hungarian forints.
The operator shall not be obliged to compensate passengers for damage or loss if the company provides evidence that the damage/loss was caused by unavoidable circumstances beyond its control (e.g. weather, road or traffic conditions delaying traffic, delayed border administration, etc.). Accordingly, the carrier incurs no liability to compensate for delay resulting from the above mentioned reasons.

Should the journey be affected by an act of God, particularly by war, strike, unavoidable natural phenomena or technical obstacles, the operator shall not be held responsible for these and for cancelling the journey due to the above mentioned reasons. Any extra costs resulting from the above reasons (e.g. accommodation during the journey) shall be paid by the passenger.

In the event a luggage is lost or damaged, the passenger shall report the damage to the coach attendant or the driver immediately on arriving at the destination. A staff member of The operator shall confirm the claim in writing.

The operator is not responsible for damage caused in luggage, if:

  • the passenger cannot present a luggage ticket for the luggage in question,
  • the packaging is not suitable for the type of luggage,
  • the passenger failed to describe the luggage contents correctly,
  • an incident occurred beyond the control of the carrier (natural disaster, acts of third parties),
  • the luggage was damaged by the passenger.

Differences in the timetable may occur due to traffic conditions.
The operator reserves the right to change the schedule and fares.

  1. Conditions of carrying luggage

Each passenger shall display a name tag on his/her luggage held in the luggage rack.

The operator is obliged to carry a maximum of two items of luggage per passenger, even against a fee payment. The maximum weight of luggage items is 32 kg, maximum dimensions are 100 x 50 x 40 cm.
If the passenger has more than two items of luggage, The operator carries third or any further items of luggage in case there is free space in the luggaege rack and upon payment of an extra fee (A fee equivalent to the price of a ticket in the price list), which should be paid to the driver.
Luggage can only be loaded on that coach and up to the destination the passenger travels to. The passenger is responsible for returning his/her luggage in the event of customs clearance. Luggage that risks passengers’ health and the security of other luggage can be excluded from carriage.
From the shipment luggages which are endangers the health of passengers and other baggage can be excluded.
Objects which are banned out from carriage by regulations and authorities’ provision, or which have a higher dimension and weight than the size can be placed in the designated area, can not be transported as luggage on the coach.

Tariffs for carrying luggage:
a,Maximum one item of hand luggage (maximum size: 10 kg in weight and 50x20x40 cm in size) is free of charge. All items which are held by passengers on boarding are regarded to be hand luggage.

Objects can not be carried as hand luggage:

  1. objects which are banned out from carriage by regulations and authorities’ provision,
  2. objects, which have a higher dimension and weight than the size can be placed in the designated area, or risk other passengers’ health, dirt other passengers’ clothes or damage other passengers’ hand luggage
  3. guns

b,The delivery price of 2 luggage which does not qualify as hand baggage is included in the ticket price.
c,carriage fee of bicycles or high dimension sporting goods: HUF 2100/EUR 7/CZK 210/ RON 35/ PLN 35 per item .
Bicycle can be carried only if it is disassembled. Disassembling should be done by the owner. Carrying bicycle or sport goods is only possible if there is free space in the luggage rack. If there is no space, The operator does not take responsibility for safe storage of the bike

Pram should not be paid for, if the baby is also travelling. If only the pram is carried, luggage fee should be paid.

d, Luggage prohibited on coaches:

  • items heavier than 32 kg
  • objects that are unsuitable to be carried due to their dimensions, shape or bulk;
  • dangerous, explosive, inflammable, poisonous, disgusting substances, firearms, drugs.
  • objects or luggage that may damage or dirty other luggage or the coach;
  • unaccompanied luggage;
  • goods in commercial quantities;
  • all objects under an import or export prohibition;
  • dutiable goods for which the customs clearance or procedure cannot be completed during the time allocated in the timetable for customs.
  • cutter and screening tool without case
  1. Transport of animals

No animals shall be carried other than assistant dogs:

  • guide dogs accompanying blind persons,
  • dogs helping disabled: dogs trained for helping disabled persons in everyday life
  • sound signal dogs: dogs trained for signalling dangerous or important sound for persons with hard of hearing,
  • fit signal dogs: dogs trained for helping people having epilepsy or other type of chronic disease in case the person has got fit,
  • dogs for personal assistance: dogs trained for helping handicapped people in everyday life,
  • therapy dogs: dogs applied in special educational, psychological, psychiatric, conductive pedagogical, and rehabilitation process.

Helping dogs should be supplied with a special mark, which should contain the trainer company’s logo.

The passenger shall ensure the necessary documents for his/her dog’s travelling. The operator does not take responsibility for loss resulting from non-compliance.

  1. Carriage of persons with disabilities or special needs

On purchasing a ticket, the passenger shall indicate any need for special care due to his/her physical or other disabilities.
A maximum of five passengers with physical disabilities or with need for special care may be carried on a service, accompanied. Persons accompanying such passengers shall purchase fare tickets.
We do not carry passengers who can only be carried on a stretcher.

Passengers that need special care may only take part in the journey at their own responsibility, and the operator excludes responsibility for any damage to their health conditions.
Babies under the age of 2 can travel on their parent’s lap. One adult can only travel with a baby at the parent’s own risk.

  1. Complaint officer

The deadline for writing the complaint is 90 days after the event.
You have to hand in the complaint in writing. If the passenger hand in the complaint after the deadline, the operator will not investigate and acquittade under the responsibility.
The deadline of the complaint administration is 90 days from the hand in.

  1. Other provisions:

The operator reserves the right to change the schedule, use another bus, or change the seat number of passenger.

Passengers may be banned from travelling with The operator, if they:

1, have smoked in the coach
2,are drunk
3,were noisy or annoyed other passengers
4, dirt other passengers or the coach
5, cause damage to the coach
6, suffer from a contagious disease
7,violate the general rules of social co-existence
8, endanger the passengers, people and property on board due to their age, mental or physical conditions
9, frighten, disgust or offend people on board by way of their physical condition, clothing or behaviour
10, have refused customs examination and/or examination by the border guard authorities
11,do not hold valid travel documents

  1. Closing provisions

These conditions of carriage shall be valid until withdrawn. The operator maintains the right to change the conditions of carriage unilaterally.
Changes shall come into effect on being published on our website
For any issues not regulated in this conditions of carriage, the provisions of Act I of 1988, the regulations set forth in decree 20/1981 (VI.19) Mt. issued by the Council of Ministers, as well as the provisions of Act IV of 1959 shall apply.